10 Ways To Turn Your House Into A Climber’s Dream Home

Climbers, prepare to get inspired....

When we were kids we wanted to put a slide in our bedroom, a fireman’s pole to the kitchen and a climbing wall out of our window.

As we grew up a bit, the urge to put a playground into our house mostly disappeared – but we never stopped wanting that climbing wall.

All climbers know that those precious few hours at the climbing centre or out on a rock face are the best of the day, so who wouldn’t want to bring them home?

These awesome people have done just that, installing their own rad climbing centres in their houses and their back gardens.

Have a look through and get inspired to create your own climber’s playground at home!

  1. Minimalist house with a hidden secret

2) The coolest toy in any bedroom

3) Way better than a racing car bed

4) In the middle of the living room? Obviously!

5) Back garden fun (but put down a crash mat, man!)

6) This is Such A Sick Idea..

7) Super simple style, but lots of fun

8) For People Who Just Won’t Take The Stairs

9) Got An Empty Loft In Your House?

10) The Raddest Playroom Of ALL Time

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