Can’t Afford Your Dream Home? This Woman Built Hers Out of Shipping Containers

Cant afford a mortgage? Here's a clever alternative...

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Buying a house is bloody expensive.

Most of us who are looking to get that first place of our own, are also battling with student loans, student overdrafts and secret student credit cards that we’ll never tell our mum about.

A house is out of the picture.

We decided to look into cheaper alternatives and what we’ve found… is old shipping containers.


Many containers in the UK cost around £1,300, not even a quarter of an average deposit!

The battered old containers above were bought by Canada-based Claudie Dubreuil, from a standard industrial firm.

Buying four, she stacked them to create this enormous home.


It took one day to erect the containers into a two story structure, followed by just two weeks to cover it in insulating wooden panels.

The containers were cut to include huge panoramic windows and incredible open plan interiors.

Check out this palace!




While creating a house like this is obviously not as easy as simply buying one getting a huge  mortgage, it can be cheaper and a whole lot more fun, unique and eco friendly!

We’re off to Ebay to look at second-hand industrial containers.



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